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It’s gotta be Monday!

It’s not weird that I was having a hard time going to sleep last night. I was in the brink of tears at 1:45 am, and it didn’t help that it’s Monday already. I cannot recall when my aversion to this day of the week began. I could have been loathing it since I was kid, only now I even taste it in my lips. It doesn’t roll as nicely as it would unlike mondayfacewhen I say “Tuesday”, or “Wednesday”, or “Friday”. It’s like the Grinch on Christmas Day! >___<

So aside from my sleep battles, I had to wake up at 5am for some kill-me-on-the-treadmill-time. I was out of the house by 6:30 am, but I wasn’t able to catch a ride until an hour later. Even the cabs have mysteriously “disappeared”. They would usually just stop in front of me during an ordinary day. And no, Monday is never an ordinary day for me.

My ride was stuck in unusual traffic before we were even out of Taytay. I was relishing the cool air from the AC, when it suddenly stopped. The other folks inside the FX who have settled nicely before me all woke up because of the sudden gush of warmth inside the vehicle. The driver had to return our fare and we all alighted in Valley Golf, where the queue for the Ayala ride is already a madhouse. I had to go to Junction and find a way to get to Makati the earliest time possible. I was so tempted to just head back home, cry a little and sleep all day. But I decided I will not let this day get the better of me. I have a Road-to-Sexiness-project and tons of audit to complete, so I continued the journey (yes, I’m calling it that since counting from the time I got out of our house to the time I set foot in the gym, it totaled 3 very long hours!).

My day didn’t start very nicely. But I still was able to do what I planned to do in the morning. My hair is behaving nicely considering I wasn’t able to bring my blow-dryer with me. I had a super nice sandwich to keep me going. And I have some old music playing until it’s time to go home.

I am expecting a few more things to run off the rail since Monday is not yet over, but I guess that’s the key! I’m ready for it, so bring it on! What else can go wrong???

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