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Friday Epiphany

It’s the 1st of March! How time flies (okay, this is so cliche!). A year and a month ago, I was an apprehensive soul moving to a new work place. I still am – though I’ve been here for quite a while. Battles in my head are waging. I’m always trying to find reasons for the things that have happened and are happening. I get too tired sometimes that I will just convince myself, “Yes, this happened for a reason and THAT is enough”. But I rarely let go of a thought until i get the answer I want, so yeah, here’s to more tension headaches to come!

Most of my questions have been aswered. I’m now left with decisions I have to make – soon. I still have fragments of qualms lurking in the corners of my mind. Some of them I cannot easily brush off. I fear I might disappoint some people in the process of setting forth on the journey I want to take. I have doubts that what I want may not be what is right for me. I don’t want to waste my time in a place that will not help me grow. But each day, I realize I do learn something, and I become a better version of myself. Does that mean this is where I should be?

Maybe I’m just overanalyzing things. I should put this worry train to a stop – a full stop, since it’s not really taking me anywhere! I’ll just live each day as it comes. I just need to remember that being able to see the sunshine of a new morning is a wonderful gift in itself – why should I want more?

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