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Challenge Accepted

ImageI did say I will make time for writing. As it turns out, well, it’s not very easy. 😀 So what brought me here, you ask? Sheila, my pretty and very creative friend tapped me to take on the Sile Blog Challenge.

Here’s how it goes. I will be answering 7 questions from Sheila; that is, after I reveal what my weirdest habit is! Then I will be passing the same set of questions to some friends, this time adding 3 more from moi. As I was reading through the list that I need to answer, I was also imagining myself on stage, in front of a monster crowd and flashes of light – Miss Universe-style! 🙂

Let the madness begin!

I have a weird habit of eating Pan de Sal dipped in ice-cold coke or orange juice. Please don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. I cannot recall where I saw it first and when I started doing it. But as far as I can remember, I prefer coke and orange juice over coffee as my Pan de Sal partner. Now for Sheila’s questions:

1.) If one freaky Friday, a swap happened between us and there would be no chance that we can get back on our own body, how are going to go on with my life?

That’s easy! I will either be: modeling, doing charity work for kids, scuba diving or writing for a magazine 🙂

2.) If you are going to scold me for something what would it be?

Probably for being “masa”. As in “masandal tulog!”. Hahahaha! Your habit of being able to sleep anywhere can be rather dangerous.

3.) If you are going to volunteer for something, what would it be and for what or who’s cause?

If it’s volunteer work, I won’t be choosy and do whatever it is they would ask me to especially if it’s for Children’s, Women’s or Nature’s betterment.

4.) Aside from world peace, what other thing would you want everyone to have?

Hmmm.. I want everyone to have food on their plates. Three times a day.

5.) Provided that you are a teacher, what’s the greatest lesson you would teach your students?

That the greatest competition will always be one’s self. Strive to be better.

6.) How would you describe a vintage fashion? What clothes or outfit would you consider a vintage fashion?

By definition, vintage means old, right? Vintage fashion brings to mind strong tailored lines in soft pink fabric and pillbox hats. Very Jackie Onassis 🙂

7.) How would you make someone believe that God exists or something that you believe in exists?

The topic about God is very sensitive. I can site a lot of things which for me is proof that He is real. For a non-believer, there will always be room for doubt. As with other things I believe in, I don’t usually try and convince people to believe it, too. In the same manner that I don’t like being pushed to do the same thing. They will believe, eventually. They just need to find it in their hearts to have faith in whatever it is they want to believe in. 🙂

Whew! Was I ultra-serious for that last q? It was a hard question to answer! And now, let me list down 3 questions to wrack your brain cells:

8) Would you rather be blind or deaf? Why?

9) If you would be given a chance to choose your country of birth, which would it be?

10) If the slot for the Mars One Mission will be raffled off among the entire population of the world and you will be the lucky winner, what is the most creative excuse you can come up with so they will let you beg off and choose someone else?

Ready, friends? 🙂

P.S. I’m just glad I don’t have to answer the 3 questions i thought about. :p

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Childhood Memories

Oddly (or not), I grew up listening to old songs – those with lyrics telling stories more colorful than my picture books. I particularly like this one song I my sister and I used to sing. Of course, we’d end up fighting who gets to be Joni 🙂 I just heard it again today, and I suddenly felt nostalgic – not because of the lyrics or the irony of the story, but because of so many beautiful memories of my childhood – with old, old songs during Sundays and my mama’s sinigang na baboy (pork in tamarind soup). The bliss of innocence.

Joni: Jimmy Please Say You’ll Wait For Me
I’ll Grow Up Some Day You’ll See
Saving All My Kisses Just For You
Signed With Love Forever True

Conway:  Joni Was The Girl Who Lived Next Door
I’ve Known Her I Guess Ten Years Or More
Joni Wrote Me A Note One Day
And This Is What She Had To Say

Joni: Jimmy Please Say You’ll Wait For Me
I’ll Grow Up Some Day You’ll See
Saving All My Kisses Just For You
Signed With Love Forever True

Conway: Slowly I Read Her Note Once More
I Went Over To The House Next Door
Her Teardrops Fell Like Rain That Day
When I Told Her What I Had To Say

Conway : Joni Joni Please Don’t Cry
You’ll Forget Me Bye And Bye
You’re Just Fifteen I’m Twenty Two
And Joni I Just Can’t Wait For You

Conway : Soon I Left Our Little Home Town
Got Me A Job And Tried To Settle Down
But These Words Just Kept Haunting My Memory
The Words That Joni Said To Me

Joni:  Jimmy Please Say You’ll Wait For Me
I’ll Grow Up Some Day You’ll See
Saving All My Kisses Just For You
Signed With Love Forever True

Conway:  I Packed My Clothes And I Caught A Plane
Had To See Joni I Had To Explain
How My Heart Was Filled With Her Memory
And Ask My Joni If She’ll Marry Me

Conway:  I Ran All The Way To The House Next Door
Things Weren’t Like They Were Before
My Teardrops Fell Like Rain That Day
When I Heard What Joni Had To Say

Joni:  Jimmy Jimmy Please Don’t Cry
You’ll Forget Me Bye And Bye
It’s Been Five Years Since You’ve Been Gone
Jimmy I Married Your Best Friend John


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From the Treasure Chest : 1

I have always loved writing verses. It started during high school. My teacher in Filipino challenged us to compose poems under time pressure, read aloud in class and get rewarded with bragging rights and a pack of chocolates. Who wouldn’t do anything for chocolates, right?!? 🙂

So my love affair with pens, paper and rhymes began. I was a kid then, and all my experiences only revolved around playing skipping ropes, watching cartoons, climbing trees and answering slum books. I didn’t find it useful as my material. This is when I got in touch with my boundless imagination for help. I was surprised with what I was able to come up with.

Years passed and of course, I got introduced to a lot of new things, grown-up things as I call them, helping me build a chest of emotions and stories I could dive into when my fingers itch to write again. No one really got to read all I’ve written. I think it’s my introvert self (?) kicking in 🙂

I was looking at the ones I’ve got in the computer. I found this one, dated April 27, 2007, and I felt I (finally) wanted to share it. So read on! (Disclaimer: This is purely a fragment of my colorful imagination. This is not in anyway related to any personal experience, past or present, of the author)

I kept it inside for the longest time
Thought it would cease on its own
Yet it grew despite suppression
I was feeling it alone
Pain will be hard to mask
Had I let it known and seen
In a way it’s good it was hidden
And my tears I won’t explain
Bitterness I brush away
But I can taste it with goodbye
It’s time to bid farewell to my most stupid lie
It was never lovely
You never meant it as I do
Those words are all empty
Worthless trinkets all from you
Somehow it’s good I kept it
I’d rather cry alone
Don’t know how I’d fare before you
If you had my secret known
Though it’s hell to see you always
While pretending it’s okay
I’d cross this road again
I won’t take the other way
I kept it for the longest time
I loved you on my own
And I never had the chance
To let you hear my song
So close yet unreachable
For I dare not lift a touch
All because you hold another
And you crave her all too much

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Guilty Pleasures : 1st Edition

Most of my friends don’t know that I love watching romantic comedies and chick-flicks. I appeal to them as someone who’d rather see wrestling mania, basketball, and action/sci-fi movies. Although I do enjoy those stuff, too, I’m a girl through and through- forever giggly and teary-eyed as my rom-com movies close.

I’ve seen You’ve got Mail for over 20 times. I will never get tired of Shopgirl and NY152. I cried watching Sam Coulson enter the baseball field to tell Josie he’s in love with her. I will forever dream of living in Ireland because she breeds men like Gerry Kennedy who, even after death made sure the love of his life is never alone.


When I was in college, I got hooked with San Cai and Dao Ming Si. Yes, I’m a Meteor Garden addict! I picked a schedule with a 6-hour break during college only to make sure I would not miss an episode of this series! I think it’s Jerry Yan’s dimples that got me drooling 🙂 hahaha! I’m such a sucker for the kilig factor and I always find a bit of myself in the headstrong lady protagonist (I’m sure I’m not alone here!).

A few months back, I woke up to see my Mama’s face glued to the laptop screen. I lazily poked my face to see what she’s up to. That was when I got introduced to Maya and Sir Chief. They’re too cute and the plot is very light – no violence, sex, & greed. Just good vibes and 1 million milligrams of kilig! I stay up late during weekdays to catch the replays. I hunt youtube and facebook for the teasers and play them on repeat! I just can’t get enough of it! I found someone who makes a compilation of the month’s episode and stitch it together to make a music video using the songs I grew up listening to. Yes, I’m so hooked i was one of the millions who cried watching last January 4’s episode. Although I love Sir Chief dearly, I felt my heart was wrenched and I hated him for what the scripts told him to say. I was so heartbroken that my fingers fumbled to find the blog of the show’s fans where they submit their stories. I was so relieved reading some of those and how they would want our love birds to make up. Without that blog site, I would have been awake until morning nursing my wounded heart.

I went online this afternoon to check if they have the teaser for Monday up. And they didn’t fail me 🙂 I’ve been playing the clip for at least 20 times already. And i’m sure it should be able to tide me over until tomorrow night.

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