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From the Treasure Chest : 1

I have always loved writing verses. It started during high school. My teacher in Filipino challenged us to compose poems under time pressure, read aloud in class and get rewarded with bragging rights and a pack of chocolates. Who wouldn’t do anything for chocolates, right?!? 🙂

So my love affair with pens, paper and rhymes began. I was a kid then, and all my experiences only revolved around playing skipping ropes, watching cartoons, climbing trees and answering slum books. I didn’t find it useful as my material. This is when I got in touch with my boundless imagination for help. I was surprised with what I was able to come up with.

Years passed and of course, I got introduced to a lot of new things, grown-up things as I call them, helping me build a chest of emotions and stories I could dive into when my fingers itch to write again. No one really got to read all I’ve written. I think it’s my introvert self (?) kicking in 🙂

I was looking at the ones I’ve got in the computer. I found this one, dated April 27, 2007, and I felt I (finally) wanted to share it. So read on! (Disclaimer: This is purely a fragment of my colorful imagination. This is not in anyway related to any personal experience, past or present, of the author)

I kept it inside for the longest time
Thought it would cease on its own
Yet it grew despite suppression
I was feeling it alone
Pain will be hard to mask
Had I let it known and seen
In a way it’s good it was hidden
And my tears I won’t explain
Bitterness I brush away
But I can taste it with goodbye
It’s time to bid farewell to my most stupid lie
It was never lovely
You never meant it as I do
Those words are all empty
Worthless trinkets all from you
Somehow it’s good I kept it
I’d rather cry alone
Don’t know how I’d fare before you
If you had my secret known
Though it’s hell to see you always
While pretending it’s okay
I’d cross this road again
I won’t take the other way
I kept it for the longest time
I loved you on my own
And I never had the chance
To let you hear my song
So close yet unreachable
For I dare not lift a touch
All because you hold another
And you crave her all too much

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