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Since 1998

This may sound so cliché – but it does seem like only yesterday. 18th of July year 1998. We were just a bunch of giggly 3rd year high school students. It was a Saturday. We were working on some materials for a presentation for one of our subjects (I’m pretty sure it was for Speech and Drama. But my memory is not as sharp as it used to be, so I may be wrong.) I only remember we were laughing uncontrollably – like we always do. Then someone brilliant (it was one of us, but I don’t remember who) suggested we should have a group name. Yes, back in those days having a collective name for your circle of friends was pretty cool. We unanimously decided on B’GREEN. No, it wasn’t an acronym of our initials. Green wasn’t our favorite color either. “B” could stand for anything – from Big to Boombastic to Brilliant to Beautiful to Bubbly – each not having a direct relation to one another. I will probably have a hard time convincing you that it was the coolest, most appropriate name we could come up with. Back then, it really made sense – at least for us 🙂


yearbook memories

People may find it weird that we actually celebrate the anniversary of our friendship. Like it was some sort of foundation day. We’ve been friends even before we were collectively known as B’Green. When I think about it, I get overwhelmed with so much memories – so many things we have shared with one another. We’ve had our moments, too. We’ve had fights and we’ve ignored each other because we couldn’t agree on some things – just like normal teenage girls. But we still go back to how we were before. We’ve learned a lot of things about each one of us along the way. As the years pass by, it was easier to deal with our differences and we’ve grown fonder of each other more.

celebrations 2

celebrations 2




one for the road

one for the road


This spanned through college. Although we started seeing each other less because of schedule conflicts, we tried as much as we could to keep in touch. We made sure we see each other during the month of July. So we can again celebrate B’Green’s birthday. Some 16 years, motherhood, career shifts and unexpected changes later, we met again last night. To tick another year in our anniversary counter. There used to be 10 of us. Last night, we were only 5. Some are busy, one is missing in action, and one is working abroad. Bittersweet celebration, too, as it was also a going-away dinner for another member, who is moving to Canada for good. 😦





see you later!

see you later!



16 years. Who would have thought we’d last this long? I was being my emotional self last night – looking at them. I realized how lucky I am to have found these people whom I don’t see every day, but makes me feel at home every time I do. With technology these days, it will still be possible to celebrate with them even though we’re apart. Together though away from each other.

happy 16th!

happy 16th!

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Challenge Accepted

ImageI did say I will make time for writing. As it turns out, well, it’s not very easy. 😀 So what brought me here, you ask? Sheila, my pretty and very creative friend tapped me to take on the Sile Blog Challenge.

Here’s how it goes. I will be answering 7 questions from Sheila; that is, after I reveal what my weirdest habit is! Then I will be passing the same set of questions to some friends, this time adding 3 more from moi. As I was reading through the list that I need to answer, I was also imagining myself on stage, in front of a monster crowd and flashes of light – Miss Universe-style! 🙂

Let the madness begin!

I have a weird habit of eating Pan de Sal dipped in ice-cold coke or orange juice. Please don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. I cannot recall where I saw it first and when I started doing it. But as far as I can remember, I prefer coke and orange juice over coffee as my Pan de Sal partner. Now for Sheila’s questions:

1.) If one freaky Friday, a swap happened between us and there would be no chance that we can get back on our own body, how are going to go on with my life?

That’s easy! I will either be: modeling, doing charity work for kids, scuba diving or writing for a magazine 🙂

2.) If you are going to scold me for something what would it be?

Probably for being “masa”. As in “masandal tulog!”. Hahahaha! Your habit of being able to sleep anywhere can be rather dangerous.

3.) If you are going to volunteer for something, what would it be and for what or who’s cause?

If it’s volunteer work, I won’t be choosy and do whatever it is they would ask me to especially if it’s for Children’s, Women’s or Nature’s betterment.

4.) Aside from world peace, what other thing would you want everyone to have?

Hmmm.. I want everyone to have food on their plates. Three times a day.

5.) Provided that you are a teacher, what’s the greatest lesson you would teach your students?

That the greatest competition will always be one’s self. Strive to be better.

6.) How would you describe a vintage fashion? What clothes or outfit would you consider a vintage fashion?

By definition, vintage means old, right? Vintage fashion brings to mind strong tailored lines in soft pink fabric and pillbox hats. Very Jackie Onassis 🙂

7.) How would you make someone believe that God exists or something that you believe in exists?

The topic about God is very sensitive. I can site a lot of things which for me is proof that He is real. For a non-believer, there will always be room for doubt. As with other things I believe in, I don’t usually try and convince people to believe it, too. In the same manner that I don’t like being pushed to do the same thing. They will believe, eventually. They just need to find it in their hearts to have faith in whatever it is they want to believe in. 🙂

Whew! Was I ultra-serious for that last q? It was a hard question to answer! And now, let me list down 3 questions to wrack your brain cells:

8) Would you rather be blind or deaf? Why?

9) If you would be given a chance to choose your country of birth, which would it be?

10) If the slot for the Mars One Mission will be raffled off among the entire population of the world and you will be the lucky winner, what is the most creative excuse you can come up with so they will let you beg off and choose someone else?

Ready, friends? 🙂

P.S. I’m just glad I don’t have to answer the 3 questions i thought about. :p

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When you least expect it…

June 30, 2013. Sunday. I was watching Toy Story 3 and checking emails on my phone in between when something caught my attention. [Baranggutan : Warrior Princess] Comment: “MIA”. My sweet friend Patty nominated my blog for the Leibster Blog Award. Being a newbie, which is somewhat evident by how little time I set aside for writing and entertaining my handful of followers, I had no idea what she was talking about! Hahaha! I guess that was the push I needed to finally end my hibernation and put this page to better use! Now my MIA cloak will be tossed aside!

First of all, I will be sharing the rules as listed from Patty’s Sweet Blog Surprise entry.

  • When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you!
  • Make sure the blogs you choose have 200 or less followers.

Okay! So I guess this is the part where you will have to bear with the 11 boring facts I have to spill about myself 🙂 You may play some lively music to keep you awake until bullet 11.

  1. I love cartoons! I don’t think I will EVER outgrow Garfield and Bugs Bunny. I could have a really sore day but 30 minutes of classic Bugs Bunny cartoons and my mood will instantly turn around.
  2. I can live on a diet of McDonald’s Cheeseburger and/or Peanut Butter sandwiches. What a healthy life I choose!
  3. 3 Things that scare me out of my socks: Rats, Clowns, and Thunder/Lightning (especially if they happen simultaneously!).
  4. I don’t like chocolate cake. I would kill for mocha cake, though. Hahaha!
  5. My favorite day of the week is Friday.
  6. Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess. I think we are alike in so many ways, except I don’t have a green tail and I cant swim! I do have her good mermaid voice, though! (Toinks!)
  7. Yellow is the most beautiful shade in the color wheel!
  8. I have this crazy dream of being a Broadway/West End actress like my muse Lea Salonga.
  9. When I was a kid, I wanted to become an astronaut. And I think a part of me still do, because I considered sending an application for the Mars One Mission. (What a geek!)
  10. I write poems, I sketch a little. I just love doodling. It keeps me sane.
  11. I’m an introvert. Although every time I will say that, my audience looks at me like I have grown antlers or something.

If you managed to make it to this part of my entry, please give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! Now, to answer Patty’s 11 Questions:

  1. What is your favorite time of the year and why? February. Because it’s usually colder during this month. Although my body is not made for the cold weather, I still prefer the cloudy, pleasant and windy February afternoons.
  2. If you could turn back time, which part of your life would you like to relive? My childhood. I miss running around all day, climbing trees and playing Chinese garter and riding a bike >__< All these things the kids of today don’t do anymore! (Damn! I sound old!)
  3. What’s the most valuable lesson that you’ve learned from your parents? Ang mga kapatid mo lang ang magiging kakampi mo baling araw. Huwag kayong mag-aaway. (Translation: Your siblings will be your best allies. Don’t fight with each other)
  4. If you can be in just one place for an entire day, where would that be? In my room. On my bed. Under the covers. With Pride and Prejudice. 🙂
  5. What’s your fondest childhood memory? I think it would have to be that one Christmas day. I think I was 6 years old. I got a Barbie from Santa and I was crying because I thought I lost her other shoe. Then my Tatay tapped my shoulder and held out that tiny blue sandal between his fingers. I can clearly remember sobbing while I threw my arms around his neck for a hug. I’m such a drama queen! But seriously, it was more that him finding the shoe. I think to date I carry that assurance that when I have given all hopes up, he will find a way for me.
  6. Which do you prefer: indoors or outdoors? Outdoors. But the quiet outdoors. Like a camping site, by a river or on top of a small hill with a huge old tree with a swing (Talk about colored imagination!)
  7. Who’s your favorite character from a book? I have 2: The Fox from The Little Prince and Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice
  8. What are three things you can’t leave the house without? A handkerchief, my moisturizer, and lip balm.
  9. How do you spend a rainy Saturday? At home. With 80’s and 90’s music playing and a bowl of champorado (chocolate porridge). Yum!
  10. If you can be an animal, what animal would you be? Dolphin! So I can dive and swim without the fear of drowning! hahaha!
  11. What is your dream destination or favorite get away? My ultimate dream is to see the Aurora Borealis. So somewhere north. Finland or Norway 🙂

Now, I’m passing this on to the following blogs on my Tracking List! Beautiful people with people stories to tell.

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And because I was too excited to post this randomness, I completely forgot to list down my set of questions to be answered by the people I tagged! Here it goes:
1) According to your own taste, What kind of breakfast will overpower the horror of waking up early on a Monday?
2) Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not?
3) if you could live the life of one fictional character, who would you be and why?
4) What is your favorite holiday?
5) Are you a morning or evening person?
6) What is your most memorable vacation to date?
7) Beach or mountains?
8) Where would you like to retire?
9) What did you want to be when you were a kid?
10) What is the best thing you’ve learned in school?
11) If you only have 24hours left to live, how will you spend it?

Now that the final touches have been added, I can finally end this entry! Looking forward to reading your answers!!! 😘



No, I wasn’t trapped. Nor was I kidnapped. I didn’t fall off a manhole nor was I ran over by a truck (okay, that was a bit morbid for my taste!)


I was lost in my own thoughts – drowned with emotions that it was too difficult for me to write about anything.

There’s so much I want to doodle about, but that will have to wait. I need to calm down first 🙂

So for now, this will have to do.


It’s Official!

I heard it in the news last night – summer has officially started! Having spent my entire life in this beautiful tropical group of islands, I wasn’t really in need of any declaration from our weather bureau. Last February, it was uncharacteristically warm – when it is usually one of the colder months with the cool breeze from Siberia blowing this way. Although my body is not really made for cold spells, I don’t complain when we get 19-degree cloudy afternoons. Temperature ranging from 19-25 degrees is what I consider “pleasant”. Below 19 is freezing for me and above 25 is, well, oven-temperature.

But now, I am preparing myself to battle 37-degree scorching afternoons, which I’m sure are well on their way to roast me to a nice crisp. The only nice thing about it is I’ve got every excuse to hit the beach! Hurray!!! See you soon, sand, sea and sun! 🙂

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon in Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


It’s gotta be Monday!

It’s not weird that I was having a hard time going to sleep last night. I was in the brink of tears at 1:45 am, and it didn’t help that it’s Monday already. I cannot recall when my aversion to this day of the week began. I could have been loathing it since I was kid, only now I even taste it in my lips. It doesn’t roll as nicely as it would unlike mondayfacewhen I say “Tuesday”, or “Wednesday”, or “Friday”. It’s like the Grinch on Christmas Day! >___<

So aside from my sleep battles, I had to wake up at 5am for some kill-me-on-the-treadmill-time. I was out of the house by 6:30 am, but I wasn’t able to catch a ride until an hour later. Even the cabs have mysteriously “disappeared”. They would usually just stop in front of me during an ordinary day. And no, Monday is never an ordinary day for me.

My ride was stuck in unusual traffic before we were even out of Taytay. I was relishing the cool air from the AC, when it suddenly stopped. The other folks inside the FX who have settled nicely before me all woke up because of the sudden gush of warmth inside the vehicle. The driver had to return our fare and we all alighted in Valley Golf, where the queue for the Ayala ride is already a madhouse. I had to go to Junction and find a way to get to Makati the earliest time possible. I was so tempted to just head back home, cry a little and sleep all day. But I decided I will not let this day get the better of me. I have a Road-to-Sexiness-project and tons of audit to complete, so I continued the journey (yes, I’m calling it that since counting from the time I got out of our house to the time I set foot in the gym, it totaled 3 very long hours!).

My day didn’t start very nicely. But I still was able to do what I planned to do in the morning. My hair is behaving nicely considering I wasn’t able to bring my blow-dryer with me. I had a super nice sandwich to keep me going. And I have some old music playing until it’s time to go home.

I am expecting a few more things to run off the rail since Monday is not yet over, but I guess that’s the key! I’m ready for it, so bring it on! What else can go wrong???

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second thoughts

I’m generally a very conservative person – old-fashioned, relaxed, slow to change. I take things rather slowly – never rushing or wanting to tweak what have been the practice since it began.
I stayed in my first company for eight years. I was clueless when I set foot in that office in 2004. The things that happened in the duration of my stay tested me well. Sure, I’ve had my moments of shock, denial, and resistance but I’ve also collected enough cheers, pride, and friendship. When it was announced that I will be included in the list of people to be outsourced, I really felt the world was closing in on me. I was lost and I wasn’t sure of what I would do. The only thing certain is that all the habits formed in my eight-year affair with Mr.Moller, Wynsum Plaza, and Emerald Avenue will have to cease – and no, I wasn’t ready for it.

Since there wasn’t much choice left for me and all the others, I signed a new contract with an IT company. Thinking about it now, I realized the biggest thing i was afraid of – no, make that the ONLY thing I was afraid of is losing a regular source of income. I was so hopeful that things will get better, that I will learn to love what I was tasked to do. I did learn to understand the people around me more. But the constant exposure to negativity is taking a toll on me now. The positive aura I wanted to slowly inject to my peers’ system is starting to flutter.
I have indirectly given a hint to the most important team in my life that I want to move out of that work den. Yes, I’m speaking about my family. They are, after all, the biggest reason why I’m working anyway.
I’ll be turning thirty in a few months and at night one question keeps me awake – When will I finally start living my life? I hope before the day I hit the big 3-o, I will come to terms with myself and be able to get enough courage to steer towards another direction – the not-so-famous choice this time.
I think I’ve earned it to finally break the rules I’ve set for myself and leave, if not all, a chunk of my conventional-self in the past.
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Friday Epiphany

It’s the 1st of March! How time flies (okay, this is so cliche!). A year and a month ago, I was an apprehensive soul moving to a new work place. I still am – though I’ve been here for quite a while. Battles in my head are waging. I’m always trying to find reasons for the things that have happened and are happening. I get too tired sometimes that I will just convince myself, “Yes, this happened for a reason and THAT is enough”. But I rarely let go of a thought until i get the answer I want, so yeah, here’s to more tension headaches to come!

Most of my questions have been aswered. I’m now left with decisions I have to make – soon. I still have fragments of qualms lurking in the corners of my mind. Some of them I cannot easily brush off. I fear I might disappoint some people in the process of setting forth on the journey I want to take. I have doubts that what I want may not be what is right for me. I don’t want to waste my time in a place that will not help me grow. But each day, I realize I do learn something, and I become a better version of myself. Does that mean this is where I should be?

Maybe I’m just overanalyzing things. I should put this worry train to a stop – a full stop, since it’s not really taking me anywhere! I’ll just live each day as it comes. I just need to remember that being able to see the sunshine of a new morning is a wonderful gift in itself – why should I want more?

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