Baranggutan : Warrior Princess

the diary of the talkative introvert

no ball gowns nor glass slippers


Born in May. Sign of the Bull. Listens and observes. Talkative introvert.Childish and mature. Don’t want to trouble others. Hates conflicts. Loves kids! Likes anything yellow. Stubborn and sweet, with size 7 feet 🙂

Cries when sad, happy and even when mad. Loves sappy movies and songs from 1940’s.  Adores Gene Kelly, Julie Andrews, Patrick Swayze and Lea Salonga. Can live on a diet of peanut butter, vanilla/strawberry ice cream, snickers, coffee and McDonald’s cheeseburger. Can sing for 24 hours but with bathroom and water breaks. Forever in-love with Bugs Bunny & Garfield. Got at least 2 notebooks full of verses written during high school until the present. Loves to doodle. Favorite Hang Out Place – Bookstore (Yes, I’m boring this way). Hoards pens and erasers (don’t ask why!).  Has acrophobia. Scared of rats. Scared of thunder. Scared of clowns. Can’t swim. Can cook. Can’t dance. Can punch. Eternally grateful to whoever invented bubble wraps.

I’m Cinderella, Ariel and Mulan rolled into one. And I do believe in fairies – I do! I do! 🙂 (I’ve just always wanted to say that like in the movie!)


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