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Challenge Accepted

ImageI did say I will make time for writing. As it turns out, well, it’s not very easy. 😀 So what brought me here, you ask? Sheila, my pretty and very creative friend tapped me to take on the Sile Blog Challenge.

Here’s how it goes. I will be answering 7 questions from Sheila; that is, after I reveal what my weirdest habit is! Then I will be passing the same set of questions to some friends, this time adding 3 more from moi. As I was reading through the list that I need to answer, I was also imagining myself on stage, in front of a monster crowd and flashes of light – Miss Universe-style! 🙂

Let the madness begin!

I have a weird habit of eating Pan de Sal dipped in ice-cold coke or orange juice. Please don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. I cannot recall where I saw it first and when I started doing it. But as far as I can remember, I prefer coke and orange juice over coffee as my Pan de Sal partner. Now for Sheila’s questions:

1.) If one freaky Friday, a swap happened between us and there would be no chance that we can get back on our own body, how are going to go on with my life?

That’s easy! I will either be: modeling, doing charity work for kids, scuba diving or writing for a magazine 🙂

2.) If you are going to scold me for something what would it be?

Probably for being “masa”. As in “masandal tulog!”. Hahahaha! Your habit of being able to sleep anywhere can be rather dangerous.

3.) If you are going to volunteer for something, what would it be and for what or who’s cause?

If it’s volunteer work, I won’t be choosy and do whatever it is they would ask me to especially if it’s for Children’s, Women’s or Nature’s betterment.

4.) Aside from world peace, what other thing would you want everyone to have?

Hmmm.. I want everyone to have food on their plates. Three times a day.

5.) Provided that you are a teacher, what’s the greatest lesson you would teach your students?

That the greatest competition will always be one’s self. Strive to be better.

6.) How would you describe a vintage fashion? What clothes or outfit would you consider a vintage fashion?

By definition, vintage means old, right? Vintage fashion brings to mind strong tailored lines in soft pink fabric and pillbox hats. Very Jackie Onassis 🙂

7.) How would you make someone believe that God exists or something that you believe in exists?

The topic about God is very sensitive. I can site a lot of things which for me is proof that He is real. For a non-believer, there will always be room for doubt. As with other things I believe in, I don’t usually try and convince people to believe it, too. In the same manner that I don’t like being pushed to do the same thing. They will believe, eventually. They just need to find it in their hearts to have faith in whatever it is they want to believe in. 🙂

Whew! Was I ultra-serious for that last q? It was a hard question to answer! And now, let me list down 3 questions to wrack your brain cells:

8) Would you rather be blind or deaf? Why?

9) If you would be given a chance to choose your country of birth, which would it be?

10) If the slot for the Mars One Mission will be raffled off among the entire population of the world and you will be the lucky winner, what is the most creative excuse you can come up with so they will let you beg off and choose someone else?

Ready, friends? 🙂

P.S. I’m just glad I don’t have to answer the 3 questions i thought about. :p

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When you least expect it…

June 30, 2013. Sunday. I was watching Toy Story 3 and checking emails on my phone in between when something caught my attention. [Baranggutan : Warrior Princess] Comment: “MIA”. My sweet friend Patty nominated my blog for the Leibster Blog Award. Being a newbie, which is somewhat evident by how little time I set aside for writing and entertaining my handful of followers, I had no idea what she was talking about! Hahaha! I guess that was the push I needed to finally end my hibernation and put this page to better use! Now my MIA cloak will be tossed aside!

First of all, I will be sharing the rules as listed from Patty’s Sweet Blog Surprise entry.

  • When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you!
  • Make sure the blogs you choose have 200 or less followers.

Okay! So I guess this is the part where you will have to bear with the 11 boring facts I have to spill about myself 🙂 You may play some lively music to keep you awake until bullet 11.

  1. I love cartoons! I don’t think I will EVER outgrow Garfield and Bugs Bunny. I could have a really sore day but 30 minutes of classic Bugs Bunny cartoons and my mood will instantly turn around.
  2. I can live on a diet of McDonald’s Cheeseburger and/or Peanut Butter sandwiches. What a healthy life I choose!
  3. 3 Things that scare me out of my socks: Rats, Clowns, and Thunder/Lightning (especially if they happen simultaneously!).
  4. I don’t like chocolate cake. I would kill for mocha cake, though. Hahaha!
  5. My favorite day of the week is Friday.
  6. Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess. I think we are alike in so many ways, except I don’t have a green tail and I cant swim! I do have her good mermaid voice, though! (Toinks!)
  7. Yellow is the most beautiful shade in the color wheel!
  8. I have this crazy dream of being a Broadway/West End actress like my muse Lea Salonga.
  9. When I was a kid, I wanted to become an astronaut. And I think a part of me still do, because I considered sending an application for the Mars One Mission. (What a geek!)
  10. I write poems, I sketch a little. I just love doodling. It keeps me sane.
  11. I’m an introvert. Although every time I will say that, my audience looks at me like I have grown antlers or something.

If you managed to make it to this part of my entry, please give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! Now, to answer Patty’s 11 Questions:

  1. What is your favorite time of the year and why? February. Because it’s usually colder during this month. Although my body is not made for the cold weather, I still prefer the cloudy, pleasant and windy February afternoons.
  2. If you could turn back time, which part of your life would you like to relive? My childhood. I miss running around all day, climbing trees and playing Chinese garter and riding a bike >__< All these things the kids of today don’t do anymore! (Damn! I sound old!)
  3. What’s the most valuable lesson that you’ve learned from your parents? Ang mga kapatid mo lang ang magiging kakampi mo baling araw. Huwag kayong mag-aaway. (Translation: Your siblings will be your best allies. Don’t fight with each other)
  4. If you can be in just one place for an entire day, where would that be? In my room. On my bed. Under the covers. With Pride and Prejudice. 🙂
  5. What’s your fondest childhood memory? I think it would have to be that one Christmas day. I think I was 6 years old. I got a Barbie from Santa and I was crying because I thought I lost her other shoe. Then my Tatay tapped my shoulder and held out that tiny blue sandal between his fingers. I can clearly remember sobbing while I threw my arms around his neck for a hug. I’m such a drama queen! But seriously, it was more that him finding the shoe. I think to date I carry that assurance that when I have given all hopes up, he will find a way for me.
  6. Which do you prefer: indoors or outdoors? Outdoors. But the quiet outdoors. Like a camping site, by a river or on top of a small hill with a huge old tree with a swing (Talk about colored imagination!)
  7. Who’s your favorite character from a book? I have 2: The Fox from The Little Prince and Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice
  8. What are three things you can’t leave the house without? A handkerchief, my moisturizer, and lip balm.
  9. How do you spend a rainy Saturday? At home. With 80’s and 90’s music playing and a bowl of champorado (chocolate porridge). Yum!
  10. If you can be an animal, what animal would you be? Dolphin! So I can dive and swim without the fear of drowning! hahaha!
  11. What is your dream destination or favorite get away? My ultimate dream is to see the Aurora Borealis. So somewhere north. Finland or Norway 🙂

Now, I’m passing this on to the following blogs on my Tracking List! Beautiful people with people stories to tell.

  1. The Blissful Life
  2. A Shot at Love
  3. Life’s Beautiful Hues
  4. Adventures of a Culinary Multiculturalist
  5. I am not a Lawyer
  6. Cheneezone
  7. Mommy Maggie’s Musings
  8. Child of the Night
  9. Story Time
  10. Sweet Crazy Thing
  11. The Beautiful Freak

And because I was too excited to post this randomness, I completely forgot to list down my set of questions to be answered by the people I tagged! Here it goes:
1) According to your own taste, What kind of breakfast will overpower the horror of waking up early on a Monday?
2) Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not?
3) if you could live the life of one fictional character, who would you be and why?
4) What is your favorite holiday?
5) Are you a morning or evening person?
6) What is your most memorable vacation to date?
7) Beach or mountains?
8) Where would you like to retire?
9) What did you want to be when you were a kid?
10) What is the best thing you’ve learned in school?
11) If you only have 24hours left to live, how will you spend it?

Now that the final touches have been added, I can finally end this entry! Looking forward to reading your answers!!! 😘


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