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It’s Official!

on March 19, 2013

I heard it in the news last night – summer has officially started! Having spent my entire life in this beautiful tropical group of islands, I wasn’t really in need of any declaration from our weather bureau. Last February, it was uncharacteristically warm – when it is usually one of the colder months with the cool breeze from Siberia blowing this way. Although my body is not really made for cold spells, I don’t complain when we get 19-degree cloudy afternoons. Temperature ranging from 19-25 degrees is what I consider “pleasant”. Below 19 is freezing for me and above 25 is, well, oven-temperature.

But now, I am preparing myself to battle 37-degree scorching afternoons, which I’m sure are well on their way to roast me to a nice crisp. The only nice thing about it is I’ve got every excuse to hit the beach! Hurray!!! See you soon, sand, sea and sun! 🙂

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon in Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


4 responses to “It’s Official!

  1. Nathalie says:

    Hey I finally got to follow you! happy to read your compositions here!

  2. Mint says:

    I didn’t know you’re blogging until now. Galing galing!

  3. Mint says:

    At bat ngayon ko lang nalaman ang kaguluhan na to? I think im too late to welcome you here in wordpress.

  4. hahaha! not too late! 🙂

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